*Orchard Medical Center, S.C. now offers Telehealth Appointments*

  • Routine & Follow-Up Appointments
  • Sick Visits
  • Wellness & Preventative Medicine
  • Physicals
  • Hospital Follow-Ups
  • Labs, Immunizations & Injections
  • Minor Procedures

Well child, school physicals, well women exams, and physicals should be scheduled 4-6 weeks in advance. Appointment requests can be made by visiting your FollowMyHealth patient portal.

Follow-Up appointments are appointments for chronic problems such as hypertension and diabetes. These appointments are scheduled in the time frame your provider indicates and should be scheduled in advance, or at check out.

Sick appointments are handled following a special protocol. Orchard Medical Center, S.C. has developed a "same" day appointment protocol to meet the needs of our acutely ill patients. It is designed for the treatment of simple, acute illness. This would include symptoms that have arisen within the previous 24-48 hours. Typical "same day" problems include sore throat, cough, bladder infections, conjunctivits (pink eye), rashes, muscle strains and sinusitis. Such conditions are considered non-life threatening, but severe enough to interfere with normal work activites or daily living. "Same day" appointments are limited and are given out at 8:00 am. Please call our office at this time to reserve your appointment slot.

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