Pharmacy Protocol

Prescription Refills

All prescription refill requests must be performed by your pharmacist. Please contact your pharmacy and they will send us your refill request electronically or via fax. Please allow 24-72 hours for all refills to be performed. We do not fill routine prescriptions on Saturday or after hours.

Controlled Substances

All controlled II substances must be written on tamper proof Rx. These can only be picked up at our office. Orchard Medical Center, S.C. will ask you to sign a release upon picking up your prescription. Orchard Medical Center, S.C. also reserves the right to ask for proof of identification at time of pick up.

Mail-In Prescriptions

All patients are required to process thei own mail-in prescriptions. We will obtain the medication requested, receive approval from one of our providers and call you when the prescription is ready to be picked up. Orchard Medical Center, S.C. is not responsible for faxing or mailing these prescriptions.


Orchard Medical Center, S.C. is aware of the cost of medications. We may provide some patient's samples of a medication at the start of a new prescription but we regretfully cannot provide samples on a monthly basis. Please contact the pharmaceutical company of your particular medication and find out if they offer any discounted programs. Our providers will be happy to write a prescription for these programs but we can not initiate the program for our patients.

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