Why am I getting a bill for a visit when I paid at the time of service? At time of service we usually collect copays + any balance left on your account. If you are receiving a bill, it is most likely due to a co-insurance or deductible required by your insurance company after they have processed your claim. Please check with your insurance plan if you need further clarification.


Do I need to schedule an appointment to have my blood drawn? Yes, please call our office to schedule your Lab appointment to be sure your lab orders are prepared prior to your arrival.

Do I need to fast before having my specimen collected? Some blood test require fasting prior to having your blood drawn. Please contact our office to determine requirements for your specific testing.

I am coming in for a lab appointment for labs ordered by my PCP and wanted to know if I can have test added on? Patients may not order their own labs, but Orchard Medical would be willing to add on test ordered by another physician to be drawn at the same time as your labs ordered by our office. We ask that patients provide us with a copy of labs being ordered by other physicians prior to your appointment.


Why do I have to wait for an extended period of time to see my provider? There are many causes to extended wait times. Things such as late arrivals, insurance issues with eligibility and benefits, the amount of sick visits in one day that require us to take more time to perform necessary testing and the time it takes for the provider to address multiple medical problems in a single visit are all things that can cause the provider to get backed up. Orchard Medical Center, S.C. strives to be efficient and give all patients the time they need for their visit with us. We will continue to work through new techniques to improve patient wait times.


Why do I have to schedule an appointment to get medication refilled that I've been taking for years? Prescription medications require monitoring to ensure the medication is working. Proper managment of any condition requires maintenance and review of possible side effects, dosage and occasional blood work ups.


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